Research Quality Control

Quality is success, so IRAS lay its hands on quality control in order to guarantee the accuracy of research as the following issues
  1. Research project design: by indicating research objectives, research framework, research hypothesis, and research problem using simulation technique
  2. Research tools construction: by referring to operational definitions and testing for research tool quality.
  3. Sample size calculation: by using various sample size calculating techniques to the right target of population and represent the interesting population
  4. Research sample approaching: by using appropriate sampling design techniques
  5. Data collection: by having expert and experienced researchers to well train and control fieldwork teams as well as initial edit data according to IRAS’s standard.
  6. Research network and service: by creating research network nationwide with research knowledge and skill.
  7. Data analysis: by using the right statistic to the level of data measures for accuracy on data analysis.
Research report writing: by interpretation of result from data analysis meaningful and right according to research objectives / research hypothesis