AU POLL aims to present and to disseminate the reflecting information from people’s opinion that benefit to overall society through various research methods type. This is one of the important obligation that the university do to serve the society. The Institute for Research and Academic Services (IRAS) is the responsible unit for all research activities of the university either promote or support the advantage information to people and society. Therefore, the survey research is designed to catch up the significant issues that occur and effect to people in the society. The information from survey that publicize to people might be provided some advantages, call attention, and create awareness to the research issue as well as those survey information would be used as a supporting document for future development or set up new solutions to solve the society problem that might occurred in either way.


  1. To conduct public opinion survey in the interesting issues which benefits to all society.
  2. To disseminate the public opinion survey to the mass media, people and the wide area of  the society.
  3. To follow up the feedback from the mass media, people, and society that related to the public opinion.
  4. To maintain the old source of capital and seeks for new source of capital as well as create future  affiliate alliance research network. 


  1. Survey and Publish of the Opinion Polls to Social Situation
  2. Service the Academics Research for External Agency
  3. Source of Data in Research