Institute for Research and Academic Services (IRAS), one of national leading research institutes, has conducted research works to support and develop Thai society and international community for more than 20 years.

IRAS’s philosophy is to create and develop its resources effectively and efficiently to produce its service facility both quality and useful meaning to community and nation. As well, IRAS’s emphasized on dissemination of knowledge, diversity of society, finding of truth, and serving community with integrated multi knowledge and technology creatively. This has accredited IRAS as an institute with trustworthy in absolute, accurate, and useful data/information fulfilling the need.


To achieve the ultimate goal according to its philosophy, policies in administration have been indicated to serve the customers with useful and rich-in-quality research works.

Service Policies

  • Trustful data/information
  • Useful data/information
  • Accurate data/information
  • Up-to-date data/information

Administration Policies

  • Development on personnel both knowledge and skills in research
  • Quality control on research works
  • Creation of new body of knowledge
  • Time management
  • Research network management