The Research Institute of Assumption University, originally named as the Center for Research in Business or CRIB, has been serving Thai business community and international corporations by offering a wide range of business research services since the time it was established in 1982 by Dr. Federic L. Ayer, the first and former Vice President for Research Affairs.

CRIB achieved continuing growth and expansion in meeting the ever increasing demand for its services. Under the supervision of Dr. Jirawat Wongwadiwat the present Vice President for Research Affairs, CRIB has been conducting research Projects in social sciences since 1991, and in 1993 an additional center was made. CRIB was renamed as the Center for Research in Business and Social Sciences (CRIB & SSc.). This additional was a movement to meet the demands for research in this field. These demands have risen hand in hand with the growth in Thailand's economy and social status since the last decade.

The success in research works conducted by the center and the offering of the university's Graduate Program in Education led to the launch of research in educational field. In 1998 the center was further promoted to the Research Institute of Assumption University (RIAU). In 2013, the university merged command with Research Institute of Assumption University and ABAC Poll Research Center together, and later 2014 changed its name to Institute for Research and Academic Services (IRAS).